Day to day competition

Daily life

Every morning in front of Aérogliss school and the race HQ, breakfast will be served to pilots.

Then, pilots will make their packed lunch for lunch.

The organization will offer a gala dinner later in the week, if possible the day before the worst day of flying conditions, in addition to the welcome reception and the closing drink.


Briefings take place at Aérogliss school, next to the race HQ and main landing area.

Pilots must be present on Saturday for check-in at the race HQ and distribution of competitor pack. A general mandatory briefing will be followed by a welcome drink.

Each day, a briefing will be held in the morning, as soon as possible (around 9:00 am). The winner of the previous day will be presented and rewarded; the DE will present the day weather and the details of the day task.

The last day (usually on Saturday if the weather is fine throughout the week), the task will be shortened to proceed with the award ceremony.


Every day the winning team of the previous day will be distinguished and rewarded. If the same team wins a new round, it will be distinguished but the reward will be given to the next team in the ranking.

A daily special prize recognizes particular action of a pilot.

In the final competition, the B-STOF Trophies will be awarded to the first three teams of the competition, with various prizes.

The organization reserves the right to make special rankings to reward other teams, depending on the pilots present at the competition (youth, seniors, women, etc.).

Then, a random draw will be held for all the competition pilots.

Then a closing drink will be offered to pilots, partners and sponsors.