About the competition


B-STOF is a competition for four pilots teams organized for free distance tasks. The goal is to make the most the conditions every day, while offering emulation and team spirit.

The goal is to go as far as possible in a space defined by the Race Director (DE) and the Pilots Committee. Speed is not a ranking criteria. The Race Director can decide to restrict flight areas depending on the weather or even to ban areas deemed dangerous this particular day.

Each team freely decide its strategy, the 2014 edition showed that teams choosing to fly together on the same task are generally more effective. However each team will be free to fly pooled or separately, on the same flight plan or different flight plans, depending on the level and energy of its pilots every day.

At the end of each round, points of 2nd and 3rd pilots from each team will be added to determine the rankings.


Saint-André-les-Alpes has a reputation for being strong in summer; we took this into account in the format of the competition:

  • Launch window will open early to allow each pilot to take-off as soon as conditions allows to.
  • Tasks are designed to always allow a safe landing, whatever the time (choosing landing valleys the least influenced by the risk of rough winds and stormy development, detailed briefing of risk zones and traps of the region).
  • Finally, each pilot will be equipped with a tracker that will allow live-tracking during the whole race.